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For cover stocks: 

210, 230 250 300 grams of C1S stocks (coated one side) or C2S stocks (coated two sides). Or 180, 200, 230 gram of glossy art paper.  All the above card and paper stock can be used for book covers.

For text: 

For most black and white or up to two color printing, we use 80 (about 50 lb in the USA), 100

(about 67 lb in the USA), 120, 140, 160 and 180 grams of white book paper, woodfree paper (usually

use for large print run on web press) Some people do use these type of paper for four to six color

printing, but the result will not be as good as the white glossy art paper.

For most four to six color printing, we use 105, 128, 157 and 180 gram of glossy white color art

paper. the thickness and weight depend on the volume of your book. Magazines and brochures usually

recommend to use 128, 157 grams art paper for a good color and body, give a nice presentation of your publications.

For special stationery or gift envelopes, we have different type of color vellum, or antique laid with water mark. Domestic or import are available.

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