Printing Services >> Custom Clearance and inland delivery

Most of our prices include all customs clearance charges except import duties and customs examinations which have different types of examinations including Xray, physical exams and intensive exams. We will not know which of these exams occur until the shipment has arrived to the port and we receive notification from our customs broker.

All of these exams will have charges depanding on shipment size. They include warehouse charges, CFS transport charges, exam service charges.  These charges will be billed to you upon delivery of your shipment or any other prior arrangement you have made with Princo International or the customs broker.

 After the shipment has been released by the local customs office, then our customs broker will proceed to transport your shipment via rail, truck, or air express depending on the arrangements you have made with Princo International prior to shipment of the goods or when you made the purchase agreement.  Rail takes twice as long as truck but certainly costs two or three times less than truck delivery. Air express is the fastest but the most expensive, however, it can be done with prior notice. 

Princo International is determined to provide the best in quality, pricing and services. All you have to do is to give us an opportunity to assist you in your overseas printing and manufacturing and save you money.

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