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All our products, especially books and smaller items, are wrapped in brown paper and placed in double layer corrugated shipping cartons. They are then taped, tied with security straps, and then put onto plastic pallets. We tie again with security straps and shrink wrap the pallets before shipping, either via ocean or air freight, to their destination. Other special packaging requirements will be considered according to the specific request.


 We ship via ocean or air freight, and in certain cases as per specific requests, we will send products via international express such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, or EMS. We have special rates that range between $15 to $20 per kg, depending on the final destination and the total weight.

Typically, ocean freight takes between two to 4 weeks to any destination around the globe from ports in China, except in the case of holidays, weather situations or some unforeseeable circumstance. Upon arrival at your port, our custom broker or your designated broker will send your shipment through local customs. After it has cleared, we can arrange inland delivery to your final destination. In some cases, you may choose to arrange your own pick-up after customs clearance. However, our experienced service personnel can handle all the shipping details from start to finish.

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